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PVC Edgebanding

Doellken-Woodtape PVC Edgebanding is the finest, most consistent product available on the market today.

Doellken-Woodtape uses only top grade polymers in all of their edge banding. All materials used are extensively tested prior to initial production using special test procedures that are based on the strict specifications and quality standards of the furniture industry. For this reason, Doellken-Woodtape customers will always obtain their products from the very best materials available on the market.

PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride)

PVC is one of the best known and most common thermoplastics. For more than 40 years PVC Edgebandings have been applied in the furniture industry very successfully due to their outstanding material and excellent processing characteristics.

PVC DoellkenFlex™

Doellken-Woodtape has developed DoellkenFlex™, flexible 3mm PVC Edgebanding that can be applied on tight outside and inside radii. The product does not contain DOP plasticizer to avoid the possible risk of delamination. ABS GreenLine™ - Environmentally Resonsible, Ecologically Sensitive.

The North American woodworking industry has been requesting environmentally responsible ‘Green’ products. Doellken-Woodtape adopted this trend and manufacturers ABS Edgebanding in North America. The product has similar features as PVC Edgebanding and may be recycled or incinerated with general waste. The product is readily available from stock in single roll quantities. Doellken-Woodtape ABS Edgebandings come in thicknesses of .018” (0.45 mm) to 3 mm and widths ranging from 5/8” (16mm) to 1-3/4” (45mm). ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

ABS is an impact resistant, mechanically and thermally resilient, high quality thermoplastic which is ecologically responsible. This chlorine-free polymer has been successfully used in the furniture industry. It is the outstanding application, processing and disposal characteristics that have made this product the choice of designers and specifiers in Europe for many years.

3D Edgebanding

3D edge banding is made of transparent acrylic, which is printed or coated on the reverse side. The product has outstanding impact and scratch resistance. The printing remains fully intact, even on milled radii avoiding ‘picture

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