Nevamar Finishes
Ashwood       Fine wood finish with a cathedral grain. Embossed wood grain finish.
Crystal         Fine pebble grained finish, with a medium gloss/Subtle dimensional with high light reflectivity.
Embossed    Slate Deeply embossed slate finish.
Gloss             High gloss, smooth finish.
Granite         Polished textured finish.
Hi-Brite         Smoothly textured furniture finish.
Leather         Provides the supple beauty of aged leather.
Line Z           Deeply embossed, linear wood grain finish.
Linen            Embossed, cloth-like finish.
Medium Gloss Medium gloss, smooth finish.
Soft Leather  Finely grained leather finish.
StoneX          Combined natural and polished surface.
Suede           Low gloss, textured finish.
Super Matte Smooth, non-reflective finish.
Wood Essence Natural-appearing, linear wood grain finish.
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